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Michael Miller

Credit & Security Advisor

As the vice president and trainer at Financial Education Services, financial analyst and credit consultant, Mike is equipped with the necessary skills to offer personable, one on one counseling, directives and financial education to clients in order to improve their credit score helping them towards their life goals. Mike earned his Business & Accounting Degrees through the Caribbean Education System. He is NASD series six certified from AXA Financial and has over 25 years of experience as a Business Entrepreneur. He owned & operated Car Rental Company in Jamaica West Indies and New Jersey. He has over 10 years of experience with Nassau County Government as Project coordinator, responsible for the allocation of HUD funds for first time home buyers. He has vast knowledge in community planning and Real Estate Development. He is the recipient of various awards including the New York State Outstanding Community & Customer Service Awards and most recently the "Most Prestigious Founders Highest" award and Leadership Award for recognition in being dependable reliable and can always be counted on to assist in any area without hesitation and without being asked. The loyalty to follow and instill the philosophies of his company and most importantly, he leads by example. He is respected by others as a leader they can always go to for guidance and direction. He is often relied on for feedback and his judgment is trusted. He currently works with United Credit Education Services, a company with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a track record of over 12 of successfully assisting individuals having less than perfect credit to restore their score.Most prestigious founders highest award of excellence & Leadership award - recognition for being dependable, reliable and can always be counted on to assist in any area without even being asked. The loyalty to follow and instill the philosophies of the company and most importantly lead by example. Respected by others as a leader they can always go to for guidance and direction. Relied on for feedback and trusted judgment. Peers subordinates and superiors alike consider Mike an excellent leader.


Prospective agents/Business Partners - FES Short Corporate Overview

How many people today control their Income, Schedule, Advancement, Benefits, Retirement and Future? We believe the following 5-minute video will be very captivating, insightful and enlightening.Welcome to Financial Education Services...Where Corporate America Meets Entrepreneurship.

Prospective agents/Business Partners - FES Detailed Corporate Overview

Watching this detailed video gives you the chance to get a much larger picture about what FES has to offer, in terms of the essential services we provide, the exclusive and valuable Protection Membership so many people are benefiting from, the vast market place available and the lucrative career opportunities and unprecedented benefits we have for those looking to capitalize on our tremendous growth and expansion.

Prospective agents/Business Partners - FES Protection Plan

The FES Protection Plan Membership is an array of vital services with a major emphasis on significantly increasing, maintaining and protecting your credit score, including eliminating debt, building positive trade lines, while safeguarding your identity, family and finances. If you believe protecting your family is worth $3 per day, then take less than 10 minutes to watch this video and learn about the most powerful membership in America today!

Prospective agents/Business Partners - FES Exclusive Benefit Program

This short video provides a brief glimpse into our unprecedented production driven benefit program known as the R & R Club. By accumulating Protection Plan Memberships you can become eligible for an Audi car payment, a house payment, a retirement bonus and significant cash bonuses. This unique program is another great example of FES’s exceptional career opportunity.

Prospective agents/Business Partners - Spanish Brief Corporate Overview

Creemos que el siguiente video de 15 minutos será muy cautivadora, profundo ye sclarecedor. Bienvenida a la FES

Prospective customers - The FES Protection Plan Membership

Protecting Your Financial Future & Keeping Your Family Secure.

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My take on why credit is important?

My suggestion for credit rating is your financial reputation, so building and important. Credit is part of your financial power. It helps you to get the things you need now, such as a loan for a home, car, rent, credit card or even a job. Your credit history defines what loans you will meet the requirements for and the interest rates you will pay. Among the components of having good credit is that you are making consistent payments on time and maintaining credit balances no more than 30% of the approved limit on each account. Alternately, bad credit means you have not held up your end of the deal; you may not have paid the full minimum payments, not made payments on time or may have even maxed out your credit card.

How does credit restoration works?

Most items reported to the credit bureaus are not verified as they should be, because of this flawed system credit restoration companies are able to leverage your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These rights allow consumers to dispute any discrepancies on their credit reports which could lead to it being deleted or updated positively.

That means any erroneous, inaccurate or obsolete items could be removed from your credit report such as late payments, collections, charge offs, medical bills even judgements and tax liens could potentially be removed and in some cases can be updated to “paid as agreed”.

My clients who use credit restoration services have benefited in following areas:

  • Better Loans and Mortgages
  • Better Interest Rates on auto loans
  • Better Job Opportunities
  • Better deals for insurance

Also ask me for the following information

  • Identity theft Protection – To prevent abuse of your private and financial
  • InformationDeletion of negative items from your credit report
  • Provides a step by step tool to pay off debts early with your existing income
  • Access to check your credit score 24/7 all at no extra cost to you
  • We can use your on time rent payments to create a trade line to increase your credit score, with the option to go back even one year.

My tips to prevent Identity Theft

  • Store personal information, such as your social security number and bank information, in a safe place.
  • Shield the keypad when typing your passwords on computers and at ATMs.
  • Pay attention to your billing cycles and observe small charges even as low as $1. This could mean you are already susceptible to identity theft.
  • Change Passwords frequently.
  • Invest in reputable identity theft protection service.
  • We work with some of the most reputable companies in the industry and would gladly share resources we use ourselves and recommend to many of our clients with success.

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