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Sanjay Nair

Marketing Specialist & Digital Strategist

I specialize in defining Brands and creating its Marketing Strategies. I thrive and believe in my expertise in helping small business, start ups and business coming out of bankruptcy in finding a sound mix of digital and conventional marketing strategies that helps in identifying revenue, lead or business generating models. My ability to understand the "digital / conventional mix" influence in every vertical has helped numerous small businesses to expand locally, regionally, nationally and GLOBALLY!!! My goal for any business to expand its affiliations, alliances or collaborations in intended demographic resonates into revenue and or growth for my clients. I help in recommending businesses best capitalizing models of venture capital raising, angel funding or crowd funding for projects or initiatives.

On a Personal note

I am an astute student of Small Business Development. I always believed that a strong manufacturing base or small business is a backbone to any economy whether it is developed or emerging!!! My belief resonates in my practice in developing solutions for small and mid cap businesses in creating and providing multiple solutions in single packages which helps in to fit into their realities….budget and capabilities!!! I have a Global vision of alliances, affiliations and collaborations for such businesses that has the capability, ability and interest. Finally, activities conducted by the small caps and mid caps bring results in much shorter span of time…Join Me!!! Let's make a strong Present!!!

My services are GUARANTEED result generators

My goal is revenue for you and a long term synergy
with your organization

Call Me at 732.945.5721
Email: [email protected]



  • Digital Marketing (Audit – Strategy – Execution – Results)
  • Website analysis and suggestions
  • Knowledge of industries (USA – Canada - Asia – Middle East)
  • Connecting Businesses as per synergies
  • Generating Online revenue models
  • Advising on ways to Fund and Capitalize

My Process

Due Diligence (Current setup)

Clients future goals




My Consulting

  • Complete comprehensive audit for your web presence, leading into your current marketing practises both conventional and digital
  • Working as a part time consultant with your internal team for strategy and execution
  • Executing turnkey projects myself with my team and the most cost beneficial models.
  • Delivering revenue based results within the prescribed time frame.


UPCOMING RADIO SHOW - 6th September, 2016


Latest Show: CHOTA BUSINESS BADI BAAT – Episode 30 - Loans for Small Businesses

In today’s show of Chota Business Badi Baat you will hear Sanjay discussing about the different types of loans a small business owner should know about and also how a bad credit score can affect you in getting loan. For any query, call me @ 732.945.5721 or you can email me at [email protected] Read More

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