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Sanjay Nair - Brand and Digital Strategist


To listen live, Dial – (408)-418- 5000 or visit

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Join and Showcase your business contest

Terms And Conditions

  1. Must be a free or open source technology being used to innovate your business.
  2. Must be using the technology in a manner that is beyond its traditional application.
  3. Winners will be decided by imGauge CEO Sanjay.
  4. All entries must be submitted to [email protected]
  5. Winners will be contacted within 30 days of selection to discuss the specifics of their technology process to be aired on a single episode of the imGauge Radio show. imGauge management will determine the specific date of airing. Winners are not entitled to any financial compensation from radio proceeds from the airing

brand development
brand development
brand development brand development brand development
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