Are you there where your customers are?? Do you interact with them?? The key to provide great customer service through social media is to listen to your customers, take appropriate actions and make the most of what your consumers tells you!!

To know, HOW?? See some of the easy-to-follow tips to provide great customer service through social!!

  • Respond quickly to their issues. A study shows that, 42% of consumers expect a response within an hour while 32% believe that their issue should be fixed within 30 minutes only.
  • Help where they are. If a customer ask an help on facebook, they want an answer on the facebook only and not through an Email.
  • Monitor your brand.Always make sure that you are aware about what everyone is saying about you online, so that you can listen in for issue and respond when needed.


How do I build an audience?? How do I get people read my blog?? How do I create community?? If these are the question that are turning into the nightmares for you, then wait…don’t worry, follow some of the easy tips to build an online community through social media.

  • The foundation of social media community relies on two –way communication and it all starts with great content. Engage, share and promote content that is educational, inspirational or entertaining.
  • Grow your social media community with a targeted audience of engaged social media users and influencers. Engage them in strategic conversations by building a
    one-on-one conversation about the subject or industry
    and not your product or business.
  • Finally, leverage your social media community to
    achieve your business goals. This can be achieved by collecting feedback by conducting surveys and polls. Ask your community to help amplify your business news.


Social media is considered as one of the most important platform to increase your brand exposure and generate leads. But before you use social media as a lead generating machine, it’s important to expand your social media reach. Try this few effective tips to increase your social media reach and engagement.

  • Create and join several groups that are relevant to your industry. It will help you to provide informative piece of your business and start a relevant discussion that will help you generate interest and leads.
  • Host social media campaigns and contest. Encouraging people to participate can help boost your engagement and increase your likes, followers and subscribers
  • Offer incentive for new fans/followers for shares and conversions. Consider offering exclusive offers and promotions valid only to your social media followers


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